For first-year students


Programs/initiatives that support transitioning to UCSB

In the Summer

Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP): Get a head start on coursework

GUIDES Summer Orientation (GSO): A 5-day orientation hosted by Associated Students
MESA Successful Transition Program (M-STP): A 3-week transition program for students in STEM fields

Orientation (for students): A 2-day complete orientation experience

Orientation (for parents/families): A 2-day experience for parents/family members

Summer Institute in Mathematics and Science (SIMS): A 2-week intensive program

Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP): A 1-week Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) experience


In the Fall

FirstGen Scholars Welcome: Connect with first-gen faculty and staff, and build your community

New Student Convocation: A ceremonial induction into the uvniversity

Week of Welcome Activities (Residence Halls Association): A list of welcome events and activities

Week of Welcome Activities (Student Affairs): A list of welcome events and activities


Real Talk: Learn about resources and socialize with peer mentors
Underground Scholars: Peer-driven support for formerly incarcerated students

Courses that support transitioning to UCSB

ED 10: Introduction to the College Experience

ED 20: Introduction to the University Experience

ED 20I: Introduction to the Research University for International Students

INT W1: Liberal Arts Education at a Research University

INT 10: Transitioning to Academic Excellence

INT 89AA-ZZ: First Year Discovery & Linked Seminars

INT 94AA-ZZ: First Year Exploration Seminars

INT 95A: The Modern Research University

INT 95B: Introduction to Undergraduate Research
MATH 94: Group Studies in Mathematics
PHYS 16: Undergraduate Seminar


Video & social media resources
A Day in the Life of UCSB
ONDAS Student Center on Facebook
ONDAS Student Center on Instagram

GOLD 101 Basics

GOLD 101 Academic Progress & Major Progress Check

GOLD 101 Schedule Planning 

College of Letters & Science Academic Advising 

College of Creative Studies
College of Engineering